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Workshops are one of the ways that STAG Members who aren’t involved in current productions can continue to stay involved. With an increasing amount of industry professionals coming in to run these workshops, these are a great, accessible way for members of STAG to improve their skills.

We like to offer a range of workshops covering the basics such as audition workshops, writing workshops and directing workshops, as well as organising more unique opportunities such as practical talks from industry professionals on how to enter the theatre business, or clowning and physical comedy workshops. With these we hope to offer even our most experienced members something new they can try and above all, have fun with! We always aim to promote an environment that's friendly, open and welcoming to beginners. Workshops are open to members and non members, so even if you're entirely new to STAG and just want to test the water, feel free to come down! Workshops will be announced through our Facebook Page and our Newsletter