Student Theatre at Glasgow (STAG) is a student-run theatre society based in the University of Glasgow, which aims to produce a variety of theatre productions each academic semester, as well as offer opportunities both to students and non-Glasgow University students to participate. 

The society dates back to at least 1994, when it is recorded changing its name from Glasgow University Theatre to the current name of Student Theatre at Glasgow. Many differently named theatre societies have existed in Glasgow University in the past, however it is unclear whether these were different societies or whether they are earlier names for STAG. The earliest record of a drama society at Glasgow University was in 1922, when theatre director A. Parry Gunn produced Antigone with members of the Glasgow University Dramatic Club participating in the chorus, to an audience of 2000 people.  In 1957, the Glasgow University Dramatic Society sent plays to larger theatre festivals, such as the National Community Drama Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe, and in 1974 Glasgow University Student Theatre Group was recorded to have campaigned for the university to have its own theatre.

Since the 1990s, STAG has resided in its own room on the Glasgow University campus, initially on Hillhead Street, but has since 2000 been located at 62 Oakfield Avenue (see the map below). The room is maintained by STAG members, and is the base for workshops, rehearsals and socials. The area includes backstage and tech storage, and is adjacent to The Cecilian Society rooms.

The direction and interests of STAG are maintained and upheld by the STAG board, which is elected annually by the membership at the end of the spring semester. The board consists of sixteen different positions, and hold weekly meetings. Our current board can be found here