Student Theatre At Glasgow (STAG) is the oldest and largest student theatre society in Glasgow. STAG strives to provide opportunities to a variety of theatrical based opportunities to students at the University of Glasgow as well as to students from other institutions across the city. Through providing our members with opportunities we hope that everyone will exercise and build upon the skills they already have as well as learning new skills from each other in all aspects of theatre production.


If you would like to get involved in STAG in any capacity, then please sign-up to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on all of our current opportunities. You can also find out about our current activities on our Facebook Page or Group. Only once you are involved in a production are you required to pay an annual STAG Membership fee.

The Society has a complicated history and we have existed in several iterations over the years. We date back to at least 1922 when the Glasgow University Dramatic Club performed Antigone. We went through various name changes including Glasgow University Dramatic Society, Glasgow University Student Theatre Group and Glasgow University Theatre before becoming STAG in 1994. STAG first broke out of Glasgow in 1957 with our first performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival a tradition that has continued and we have recently sold out two shows; 2017’s ‘God Ltd.’ and 2018’s ‘Ah Dinnae Ken’. We also broadened our horizons in 2018 by hosting the 7th Annual Inter-University Drama Festival where we gathered members of Student Theatre Societies from 10 different Universities across the UK to perform, participate in workshops and a Ceilidh. We’re still trying to put a complete history of the society so if you are one of our STAG Alumni get in touch at

The direction and interests of STAG are maintained and upheld by the STAG board, which is elected annually by the membership at the end of the spring semester. The board consists of sixteen different positions and hold weekly meetings. The board operates under the guidance of our constitution which can be viewed on the information/Packs Tab.

STAG is lucky enough to have its own on-campus room which can functions as a space for socials, fundraisers, board meetings, auditions, workshops, rehearsals, performances and more. This is a very special and unique asset for a university society, and we are proud and grateful to have such a brilliant resource at our disposal.