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The Open Slot is a great opportunity for anyone interested in directing. Open Slot pieces are generally 50 minutes in length, and are typically performed over two nights, however this is flexible. Open Slot productions are usually smaller in scale than our Mainstage productions, but have no limits on creativity and ambition. Shows have proven imaginative in the past in their use of devised theatre, site-specific theatre, as well as plays that are better suited for a more alternative setting.

Previous productions have included Hamletmachine by Heiner Muller performed in Stereo, devised performance They Heard Me Singing at the Poetry Club, travel-based comedy The Next Stop performed at the Transport Museum, A&E by Lottie Finklaire performed at The Old Hairdressers and Girls Like That by Evan Placey, also performed in Stereo.

In 2017-18 our two Open Slot shows were Baby Blues, an original play written and directed by Lily Kuenzler, performed in the Queen Margaret Union. Our second Open Slot of 2017-18 was Orca by Matt Grinter, performed at Stereo.

Our  first Open Slot performance of 2018-19 was I Shot the Detective an original play written and directed by Rory Doherty, which was performed at The Old Hairdressers. Our second Open Slot performance of 2018-19 is still in the works - stay tuned!


2018/19 1ST SEMESTER - I shot the detective BY Rory Doherty

2018/18 2nd semester - orca by matt grinter

2016/17 2nd Open SLot - Lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons, lemons by sam steiner
2016/17 1st Open Slot - Thermos by harry penrhyn jones 

2015/16 2nd semester - Girls Like that by Evan Placey
2015/16 1st semester - A&E by Lottie Finklaire

2014/15 2nd Semester - The Next Stop (Devised)
2014/15 1st Semester - They heard Me Singing (Devised)

2013/14 2nd Semester - Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller
2013/14 1st Semester 1- The Letterbox by anne marie de mambro
2013/14 1ST SEMESTER 2 - Quelques Fleurs by liz Lochhead