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New Works is STAG’s second festival of the year putting on six shows over a three day period. New Works invites all members of the society to try their hand at writing a completely new and original play. Writers are given the option to
create a shorter 20 minute piece or submit a longer 50 minute script. These can be about anything you want, let your imagination run wild!

Those who end up being successful in their endeavours of writing a piece for New Works are then given the opportunity to direct their own script and bring their play to life. Furthermore, every year a group of judges (writers, critics, directors, lecturers from the theatre industry) are invited to provide feedback on all pieces presented and ultimately choose one of the 50 minute plays to send onto a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved in STAG who is considering taking theatre to the next level and presenting their original work to the creative world. 
2017's festival was directed by Kirsty Fraser and the winning play was Ryan Rutherford's God Ltd. The  2018 festival was directed by Chris Duffy, and the Fringe selection was Maddie Beautyman's Ah Dinnae Ken, which we can't wait to take to Edinburgh!



New works 2017 - winner: GOD, Ltd.

NEW WORKS 2016 - Winner: A Dog's Tale

NEW WORKS 2015 - Winner: Styx

NEW WORKS 2014 - Winner: That Sinking Feeling

New Works 2013 - Winner: Love In the Past Participle

New Works 2012 - Winner: What's He Building In There?