Miriam plassmann

The President chairs both general and executive board meetings, acting as the face of the society and primary point of contact for those outside it. They make sure that everything is in order on a daily basis and is also in charge of overseeing all productions. They are responsible for making sure that all members of the Board are aware of their responsibilities.

Email: president@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


ZAc simmons

 The VP STAG Nights’ primary responsibility is the coordination of the STAG Nights festival in first semester. Consequently they may not be involved in any of the individual STAG Nights shows. They are responsible for chairing the STAG Nights committee, developing a design concept/theme, overseeing the productions, communicating with visiting companies, etc.

Email: vp.stagnights@gmail.com


chris duffy

The VP New Works’ primary responsibility is the coordination of the New Works festival in second semester. Consequently they may not be involved in any individual New Works shows. They are responsible for chairing the New Works committee, soliciting proposals, overseeing the productions, and fostering new writing within the society. VP New Works is also responsible for facilitating the winning show's production for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Email: vp-newworks@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


Financial Secretary
Mia clarke

It is the Financial Secretary’s job to look after STAG’s money. Primarily, this entails making and maintaining each production's budget as well as ensuring STAG’s accounts are kept up to date. Additionally, they are responsible for researching and applying for grants to bolster the society’s funds.

Email: finance@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


ashley thompson

The General Secretary takes minutes at the meetings and writes them up to distribute to the Board and make available to the membership. They are also responsible for providing feedback after proposals, membership of STAG. Along with the Social Convener, the General Secretary coordinates the annual elections.

Email: secretary@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


Backstage Manager
Gregor weir

The Backstage Manager works closely with the Technical Manager to provide or help find technical and backstage support for all STAG shows. They are responsible for helping to teach stage managers and those working in a backstage capacity (e.g. costume designers, set builders etc.) and pairing them with directors where appropriate. In addition, all props, costume and set owned by STAG, their security and condition, are the responsibility of the Backstage Manager.

Email: backstage@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


Technical Manager

The Technical Manager works closely with the Backstage Manager to provide or help find technical and backstage support for all STAG shows. The Technical Manager is also responsible for helping to teach technicians and pairing them with directors where appropriate. All technical equipment owned by STAG, its security and condition, are the responsibility of the Technical Manager.

Email: tech@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


Venue Manager
morgan noll

 The Venues Manager maintains the STAG Room (organises clean-ups, provides booking sheets etc.), looks for and books performance venues and acts as a point of liaison with the venue throughout the performance period. The Venues Manager also helps directors to find and book appropriate rehearsal spaces.

Email: morgan.noll@legendtitans.org 


The Publicity Officer is responsible for all publicity both within the society and externally. This includes keeping our online presence up to date and delivering the weekly newsletter. In addition the Publicity Officer ensures that all aspects of publicising STAG shows are taken care of. The Publicity Officer is expected to liaise with outside contacts in order to organise reviews, interviews etc.


Email: publicity@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


design officer
harry penrhyn jones

The Design Officer is in charge of the visual aspect of our publicity. This includes designing all the posters for the STAG shows and festivals, as well as designing and printing the tickets, flyers, programmes etc., and designing STAG's web presence including the website and newsletter. The Design Officer works closely with the publicity officer to ensure the society is getting its name out there for the public to see.

Email: publicity@studenttheatreatglasgow.com


Community OFFICER
max aspen

This position is meant to encourage involvement and activities for the STAG membership throughout the year, outside of productions, primarily through the management of workshops. They also work to make STAG more accessible to the wider Glasgow community and encourage collaboration with other societies at the University of Glasgow.

Email: community@studenttheatreatglasgow.com

Chris D.jpg

Social Convenor
keir aitken

The Social Convener ensures that the society is having fun. This principally involves coordinating events whereby members can meet in a social context, as well as organising regular fundraisers. They also lead a team of STAG members in organising Freshers’ Week. The Social Convener oversees the planning of the STAG ball and coordinates the annual elections along with the General Secretary.

Email: socials.stag@gmail.com



Ordinary Board Members
jenny barron & Jamie carline 


Any jobs that do not fall into any of the above categories can be assigned to the Ordinary Board Member with their consent. The Ordinary Board Member can take responsibility in any areas which might help out other Board members and in which they hold an interest.


The role is ideal for anybody who wants to help but doesn't feel they want to be confined to any of the above categories, as well as newer members who would like a thorough understanding of how the board works and like to help in any and all capacities.


Email Jamie: jamiecarline@hotmail.co.uk






While the first year position has no specific role, much like other Ordinary Board Members, they are there to assist with any and all aspects of the board and most importantly act as representatives for their year group. The First Year Ord Board position is also an excellent opportunity to get experience of how the society runs. Unlike other positions, First Year Ordinary Board Members are selected by the Board in October rather than elected by the membership in May.